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THE PANMAN - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

If you are a connoisseur of Caribbean music, especially the magical creation of Trinidad and Tobago, the pan, then you must have this volume. Destined to become a collector's item, "THE PANMAN" soundtrack forges many new directions for our music. It evolved from an intense working relationship by Jit Samaroo, the pan genius, George Victory, one of T&T's most knowledgeable musicians and Kamalo Deen, the film's creator. It also features the talents of a host of brilliant musicians representing T&T's diverse culture.


"The soundtrack for "THE PANMAN" is excellent!!" - THE INDEPENDENT

"I was very impressed with "THE PANMAN" CD!! Very cool!!" - Gee Rabe -
Musical Director California State University, Northridge

"I would like to know more about the movie "THE PANMAN". I loved the soundtrack!" - Dr. Jeanine Remy -
 Professor of Music, Idaho State University

"...The music tape for "THE PANMAN" is in my car. It's all I've been listening to lately." -David Gettes -
Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania

"The music is great...I'd love to see the film." - Shawn A. Dunn - Musical Director, South Point, Ohio

"I received a soundtrack tape of "THE PANMAN"...I love it! If this movie makes it to California I would love to see it!!" - Wendy Harrison - Pan Arranger / Performer, Pasadena, California

"I must let you know that both Carl and I just absolutely love the music on the least three times a week (minimum) the music is played in this house. You did a really great job! This evening Carl was saying that he would love to see "THE PANMAN" again. He was really impressed..." Ingrid John-Baptiste - Pres. Trinidad & Tobago Assoc. of Ottawa

"...a most exciting musical score..." - Peter Ray Blood - PULSE

"...a scintillating soundtrack. The title song "THE PANMAN" is powerfully executed..." Reynold Bassant -

The Panman Soundtrack Cover


The Panman -- Vocals: George Victory

My Life -- Vocals: George Victory

Suffering -- Vocals: George Victory

Singer Of Songs -- Vocals: George Victory

Milaap - The Marriage Song -- Vocals: George Victory & Zakeya Hosein

Sing A Song -- Vocals: Janet Alleyne

One Family -- Vocals: George Victory & Jamal Manning

Trini Smart
Vocals: George Victory

Patriot's Song -- Vocals: George Victory

Nectar In The Morning -- Pan Solo: Ken Samaroo

Gloria In Excelsis -- Pan Solo: Ken Samaroo

One For One -- Pan Solo: Ken Samaroo

Mom -- Pan Solo: Ken Samaroo

Flambeau -- Pan Solo: Ken Samaroo

Twin Islands -- Pan Solo: Ken Samaroo

City Heat -- Pan Solo: Ken Samaroo

Check This -- Pan Solo: Ken Samaroo

Milaap - The Marriage Song -- Instrumental

The Panman -- Pan Version -- Lee Chong's Pan Glow Steel Orchestra

Lyrics by Kamalo Deen

Arrangements by George Victory & Jit Samaroo


  • Ken Lalchan Samaroo: Pan
  • Jit Samaroo: Pan, Tassa, Maracas
  • George Victory: Guitar, Keyboards, Tassa
  • Peter "Doc" Maltin: Guitar, Cuatro
  • Errol Ince: Trumpet
  • Glenn Rivero: Bass Guitar
  • Brian Walker: Keyboards
  • Karamchand Mohip: Dholak
  • Rana Mohip: Harmonium, Majeera
  • Joty Doodnath: Tabla
  • Franklin Grant: Pan