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BACCHANAL TIME - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This volume attained "classic" status many years ago as an album but has been out of circulation for a long time. Now it has been re-mastered and will soon be release as a CD.

The "BACCHANAL TIME" soundtrack presents a wide array of indigenous Trinidad and Tobago music. There are memorable soca renditions by the Shadow, Calypso Rose, Trinidad Rio and Count Robin; African and Shango chants by The Sandport Chanters; Early East Indian chutney by The Gasparillo Ladies Group; Stickfight drumming and chants by The Happy Hill Drummers; Tassa by The Williamsville Tassa Group; and Sweet Pan music by Lloyd Gay and his Gasparillo Steelband.

This is another Pempaleh Productions volume you'll be proud to display among your treasured collection.


Bacchanal Time Cover

CD Contents

Bacchanal Time -- Vocals: Shadow

Eti Mama -- Vocals: P. Lindsay & Sandport Chanters

Scrunting Calypsonian -- Vocals: Trinidad Rio

Stickfight Keg -- Vocals: R. Hilaire & Happy Hill Boys

Dem Young Girls Eh Care -- Vocals: Count Robin

Bacchanal Tassa -- S. Ramlogan & Dyer Village Tassa Group

Heat In The Area -- Vocals: Calypso Rose

Horner Man -- Vocals: Shadow

Jina Moto -- Vocals: P. Lindsay & Sandport Chanters

Kaiso Have Me -- Vocals: Trinidad Rio

Bacchanal Wedding -- Vocals: Puniya Ramkissoon & Gasparillo Ladies Group

Steelband Music - Horner Man -- Gasparillo Gay Symphony

Calypso Arrangements by Pelham Goddard &
A. De Coteau

Steelband Arrangement by Lloyd Gay